Senator Ileana Garcia Seeks Input from Local Businesses and Water Enthusiasts to Help Curb Increase in Criminal Activity on Miami River

Senator Ileana Garcia (R-Miami) seeks input from Miami’s boating and water enthusiast community, and residents and local businesses along the Miami River and South Florida’s waterways on the serious issues stemming from widespread illegal vessel charter and livery operations.

“The insights and experiences of residents, water and boating enthusiasts, and local businesses along the Miami River and adjacent waterways will prove fundamental in addressing the increase in criminal activity and accidents stemming from dishonest vessel charter and livery operations,” said Senator Garcia. “Working together and listening to each other is critical for delivering effective long-term solutions in our community.”

Residents, businesses, and boating and water enthusiasts impacted by the increase in criminal activity are encouraged to contact Senator Garcia directly by visiting and selecting the “Email this Senator” option on her webpage. Criminal activity should be reported directly to local law enforcement entities.