Meet Ileana Garcia

Ileana Garcia, the daughter of Cuban exiles, was born in Miami and grew up in Allapattah. She was raised by her mother and grandmother who taught her there is no substitute for hard work and determination. Always independent minded, Ileana was educated in Miami-Dade public schools where she excelled and graduated early.

It was at 610 WIOD, where Ileana fell in love with broadcast mediums like radio and television. Ileana took on two and sometimes three jobs at a time being on air both day and night and doing voice over work on the side. She worked her way up through many different jobs finally becoming one of the best program directors in the Miami market.

At 27, Ileana had her son and became a single mom. Still having to work, Ileana’s mother and grandmother helped her with the new baby. It wasn’t easy but the family made ends-meet. Eventually Ileana made the move to television. She worked as a reporter, did special segments and even hosted a TV show.

Most recently, Ileana was the first Hispanic female Deputy Press Secretary at the Department of Homeland Security. She now cares for her elderly parents and grandparents and extended family in South Miami. Ileana is the American Dream personified. She proves hard work and determination will always lead to success.