State Senator Ileana Garcia Proudly Announcing $175,000 In State Funding For The Department Of Children And Families’ Casa Valentina ‘foster Care To Independent Living’ Initiative

Miami, FL — This Wednesday, August 17th, 2022, State Senator Ileana Garcia will be visiting Casa Valentina to announce the $175,000 she was able to secure in state funding that will go directly to assist with the ‘Foster Care to Independent Living’ Program.

Since opening their doors in October of 2006, Casa Valentina has become a leading institution in South Florida for at risk and former foster care youth between the ages of 13-23 seeking a wrap-around service program that provides safe affordable housing, a supportive community, and easeful transitioning to independent living in Miami. Members are allowed to stay between one and three years with close to 175 young men and women already succeeding in Casa Valentina’s residential program. Criteria for program admission is based off students being enrolled in school, remaining drug free, without children of their own, and demonstrating that they are able to live self-sufficiently. These standards in turn make them eligible for the State of Florida’s Road to Independence scholarship that gives fostered minorities a monthly stipend of about $1, 256 for passing their academic courses.

Casa Valentina has a successful record in helping foster care youth transition into society by becoming the ultimate source of external resources and support for life skill development. They prioritize goals with the five pillars of autonomy which focus on education, employment, money management, self-care, and household maintenance. This anchoring curriculum uses both individual life coaching sessions and/or life skills group courses for one to two hours per day in order to provide each pupil access to reach their highest potential.

“Casa Valentina is a great source of pride in our community. This wonderful organization provides our foster care youth with true life skills to live independent and productive lives. I was honored to gain this legislation that will aid Casa Valentina’s invaluable mission,” stated Senator Garcia.