State Senator Ileana Garcia To Announce $2,125,000 In Appropriations For Coral Gables Initiatives

Citywide Septic To Sewer Conversion Assessment, Stormwater Master Plan, Legacy Sewer System Repair & Replacement Project, & Restoration Of Gondola Building

Senator Garcia has worked diligently on behalf of the infrastructure needs for City of Coral Gables as “the City Beautiful” prepares to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

Miami, Florida — This Wednesday, August 24th, 2022, State Senator Ileana Garcia will be announcing $2,125,000 of state funding for the City of Coral Gables towards multiple initiatives she worked to secure this past session such as the Citywide Septic to Sewer Conversion Assessment, Stormwater Master Plan, Legacy Sewer System Repair & Replacement Project, and Restoration of the Historic Gondola Building. These projects collectively impact the overall quality of life for the residents of the City Beautiful.  

Presently, Coral Gables estimates that over 7,400 citizens rely on septic tanks. The City has identified potential impacts linked to the conditions associated with storms and impending sea level rise based off primary reports that show increased total levels of nitrogen and phosphorus. This inevitably means that procedures must be put into action in order to avoid the possibility of potential future septic tank ruptures dispersing into the environment and negatively affecting its local bodies of water like Biscayne Bay and the Miami River. As a result, the Citywide Septic to Sewer Conversion Assessment will allow a comprehensive septic to sewer modification appraisal occur under the guidance of experts from NOAA, UM, and FIU whilst focusing on watershed nutrient management to prevent imminent conditions from worsening.

The current stormwater structure has been in place for about 100 years since the City’s incorporation in 1925. During storms, localized flooding worsens and the City overrun with complaints. In order to properly address these concerns and avoid further issues, the Stormwater Master Plan will present new design standards for water quality, transportation, and structural development based off data discovered by the County’s Department of Environmental Resources Management. An update of this variety and magnitude, relies on the expertise of various specialists to provide a solution for long term progress. Stormwater management not only preserves the ecosystem, but enhances overall mobility and safety of civilians (during or after) rain events.

On a similar note, the Legacy Sewer System Repair & Replacement Project has used findings from sewage defect reports by the Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey in an effort to reduce both stormwater and groundwater inflow of identified basins as well as other impaired bodies of water like the Coral Gables Canal. Contractors specializing in the rehabilitation and repair of deteriorating and/ or damaged sewer lines are being procured in a bid to upgrade the outdated structures whilst preventing contamination of water quality for citizens. The atypical process expected to be utilized for these improvements will not rely on conventionally used excavation methods that traditionally expose roadways throughout the city which, as a result, will reduce the impact of construction on everyday travelers.

“Environmental stewardship is crucial in preserving the integrity of the city, and as promised it is imperative that we create a more sustainable city. We greatly appreciate all of Senator Garcia’s efforts to prioritize the Citywide Septic to Sewer Conversion Plan, the Stormwater Master Plan and the Legacy Sewer System Repair and Replacement Project. Thank you, Senator Garcia, for your diligent efforts in aiding the quality of life for our residents of the City Beautiful,” stated Mayor Vince Lago.

The fourth appropriation is the Restoration of the Historic Gondola Building that will go towards reviving the notable landmark which is part of the iconic Biltmore Hotel Complex and listed in both the Local and National Registry of Historic Places. Since the structure has fallen into disrepair during recent years, pieces that are salvageable from the original 1926 structure will be preserved alongside newly reconstructed portions of the edifice all with the goal of celebrating the City’s architectural achievements for its upcoming 100th anniversary in 2025. This is a vital move in order to preserve and maintain a piece of local history for future residents and visitors to enjoy.